RJ Slatts Productions is a proud collaborator with the following musicians, singers and songwriters. 


One Hundred Paces

Primarily a solo project for singer/guitarist James Lombardo, One Hundred Paces formed in the winter of 2010 after Lombardo's band The Little Heroes were on hiatus. Lombardo enlisted the help of long time friend Sean Price and fellow Santa Barbara musician, Sarah Corum to help shape his musical vision into an actual functioning band. Several shows followed along with a 6 song self titled EP from Wednesday Records and moderate success having been selected by MTV to appear on the network's soundtrack to Teen Mom.


John Jack

His real name is John. He goes by Jack. Some people call him John Jack. With a little help from his friends, he creates western indie folk music. You will often hear Kyle Nelson Cameron on drums among other guest musicians who help John Jack make noise. John Jack has been writing songs since his dad bought him a guitar when he was 15 years old (he’s 31 right now). He has been in several bands over the years. Most notably, he formed a band called Moral Support in 2005 with his buddy Kyle Norman Slattery while attending Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo. Jack and Kyle still make music together.


Everitt Merritt 

Everitt Merritt has been playing music since he was five years old. His passion for music has led him to play many stringedinstruments, including the piano, guitar, stand-up bass, mandolin, and banjo, in a variety of genres, including jazz, bluegrass, and classical music. Everitt is currently a senior in the IB Program at Poudre High School, and is planning to continue pursuing music in college