RJ Slatts Productions (RJSP) provides an excellent way to bring your unique school community to life through a colorful and professional promotional video. You work tirelessly to create your own school culture, and what better way to show it off and make others want to be a part of your school than a professionally made video. Whether it’s Back to School Night, Open House, posted on your website, or shown at other events to sell people on what you offer as a school, a video will inspire people to be a part of the great program you offer your students.


Check out the inspirational school videos below by RJSP.

Why do you need a promotional video?  

Whether you are seeking to boost student enrollment or simply get current students and families excited about being a part of your school community, nothing will reach out to the emotions of your audience like an RJSP Promo Video. Capture unique programs that you offer, showcase the goals and objectives of your program, or highlight the perspectives of those that love your school and let your compelling story be told through the lens of the camera.

Here is how it works!

We have a simple 5-step process that leads to an unbelievably inspiring school video that you will be proud to show everywhere!

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  1. Initial Meeting
  2. Interviews 
  3. Filming
  4. Editing
  5. Share

Frequently Asked Questions


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